About O'BON

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About O'BON

The amazing thing about our beginning is it never should have happened in the first place.

In 2007, O’BON USA was formed within the glamorous confines of a 2 bedroom college apartment. With the help of some dedicated friends, we enthusiastically began running a business without any experience, knowledge or guidance whatsoever.

However, we believed that with a group of smart young students with fresh ideas and tremendous work ethic, we could achieve anything. We also had tremendous products with great designs, terrific quality and sustainable roots.

It was this combination of our core values and great products that formed our passionate mission: To give the consumer a better choice. A selection of products that look better than what you find on any shelf. A collection of lines that are environmentally-friendly so you can make this world a better place through purchasing for your needs. A standard of quality that is top-notch and ideally suited for your high expectations. And an educational element to your everyday pencil or journal so we can make a difference together.

What started as an email here and a phone call there has grown tenfold in the last few years and we now supply over 500 stores across the country. It started with one order, then a second and a third. We went door to door, we called store after store and we grew into our brand today through dedication, patience and a passion for the success of our resellers as well as the happiness of the store’s customers.

In the longer term, our goal is to become the largest brand of environmentally-friendly school and office supplies in the country and we are furiously heading in that direction.

Today, we offer great solutions in a variety of forms. Pencils made from newspaper which you will find to last longer and write better than wood alternatives. Journals made from sugarcane so you can write on bright white paper without a tree being cut down. Biodegradable pens in a fun design you can finally be excited about. Folders with a wildlife theme. Binders made from recycled cardboard. The list goes on and on.

As we continue to develop new product ideas, always remember the most fundamental element about us: We are here because we want to make a product that is better for you.